Do buildings have souls? I teach in a school with nearly a thousand students. We recently moved into a brand new building. I talked with an architecture professor who served as an advisor for the planning of our new campus. He introduced me to the idea that buildings have souls. […]

It started during the 1700s that people use metals with iron columns to construct walls. Since then the iron beams and columns have become the popular feature in industrial buildings. Sir Henry Basserner invented the steel in 1855 resulting in steel becoming the integral components of pipelines, skyscrapers and bridges. […]

Green construction is a relatively new phrase in terms of actual workability. Modern building materials, construction techniques and our understanding of what it takes to make a building green are relatively recent developments that are beginning to catch on quick with eco-conscious individuals. What makes a building green? Is it […]

Most people take buildings and structures for granted. They overlook the fact that these structures are laid down and constructed one small piece at a time. It is actually these small solid pieces that make up structures ranging from simple buildings to mega structures. The common belief that cheaper is […]

When it comes to constructing buildings at a site, the process is often a lot more complicated than you first imagined. You may have talked with a contractor who took a look at your property, and told you they would only need a month to get your new building constructed […]