History Of Street Cops, Gangs Guns and Cabrini Green Housing Snipers


History Of Street Cops, Gangs Guns and Cabrini Green Housing Snipers, By Greg Zito

Greg Zito, the author of this informative book, was an actual cop mostly in various areas in the city of Chicago. Greg tells it like it is in such a busy and dangerous profession, as police have to wonder into various areas of the city wherever they are requested. They never know what is really going on at the location called to or what they will encounter on the way to that destination. They generally have regular partners but not always so they have to learn to depend on the partner next to them now. These men and women of law enforcement have to be commended for the job they do for all of us, sometimes against all odds of survival. A certain bond is formed between law enforcement, a bond that only tightens when the times get tougher. They can have their differences but not when their partner or friend is in danger.

Greg Zito is not an accomplished author as you will find out as you read this story but he does a fantastic job of telling the reader what is going on in his own words and his own way, sometimes with a duplication but the facts come through very well. Greg has been part of law enforcement while in the U.S. Army (where he was an Military Police Officer), followed by a stint as a Chicago Transit Police Authority Officer, then the Chicago Police Force. He certainly has had lots of experience leading to his official retirement while on disability in 2002. He had been wounded on the job and could no longer perform active work. Greg’s heart is still in law enforcement as I could easily sense by reading his story.

Greg Zito has been in shot at, beat up, wounded, chased, accosted, argued with, lost and won mental battles, shot some culprits when necessary, and just about anything you could think of a police officer might do. The housing projects in Chicago presented a huge obstacle to the police force. Snipers would hide in those various floors of the projects and shoot, not just at police, but civilians too and other gang members, not caring who or what they hit. You have to read this book to get so much more interesting information that Greg has written for the world to read and absorb. Yes, he is now retired but has written this book over a period of many years and he has not lost his interest in informing the public of his interesting story and of many other law enforcement who can relate.

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