How To Land Speaking Engagements That Build Your Business


One of the best ways to build your business is to start speaking in public. That might strike fear into some people, but the truth is, speaking is scary to almost everyone before they try it.

So, before you freak out, at least consider giving it a try. Some people build their entire business through speaking a few times a month.

Know Who Your Ideal Audience Is

You need to know exactly who your ideal audience is before you even start. Since you’ve created a business, this part should be easy now. You need to know so that you can find the events that they go to. Then you can apply to speak at those events.

Determine What You Want to Tell Them

You can approach your talks in a variety of ways. You can see it as a workshop and get their participation. You can see it as an opportunity to tell your story. Whatever your approach is, you need to know the audience, the products you want to promote, and the rules of the venue.

Create a Website Page

Create a section on your website for people who might want you to speak so that they can get the information about why you, what you speak on, and other information about your talks.

Develop a Demo Video

You can add this to your site so that people can see parts of your talks. This is a great way to encourage people to bring you on as a speaker. When they can see how your speeches go, they’re going to be more likely to ask you to speak.

Collect Testimonials

Whether it’s product testimonials or speaker testimonials, this type of content helps build your reputation well. If you want people to take you seriously as a speaker, make it a habit after your talks to ask people for testimonials by using your phone camera or by handing out a form.

Find Events Your Audience Attends

When you know enough about your audience, find out what events they attend. Those are the ones you want to speak at. One tip is to stay for the whole event when and if you can, so that you can network in between to find out more from your audience.

Contact the Event Organizers

Once you have educated yourself, you’ll want to contact the event organizers. Send the information that will make you look good to them and talk only about what’s in it for them – not yourself.

Be Willing to Speak Free

When you first start speaking, you’ll likely have to speak for free. But often event organizers give beanies to speakers, like free tickets to the rest of the event. Plus, they’ll let you promote your product to their guests.

Practice and Deliver

When you get a gig, perfect your talk based on the people coming to see you. Practice until you can do it without giving it much thought and you meet your time constraints.

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