The Top 7 Largest Crystal Chandeliers In The World


The growing popularity of crystal chandeliers has really take its toll and from its popularity in which have reached all over the world. Let me give you the Top 7 Largest Crystal Chandeliers in the world. You want to know the prices of it? Well even I can’t compute, so without further a do here it is:

Going at the 7th place is the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois.

The smallest-biggest chandelier in the world, the chandelier in the Theatre is known as the ‘Duchess’ took two years for ‘her’ to be born, and cost one and a half million dollars before her birthday. That was one and a half million, back in the 1920s, when you could buy a house for a person’s weekly wage nowadays. Now let me see you do the math on that one.

#6 on the list can be found at The Jai Vilas Palace houses two chandeliers, each one weighing 3.5 tons. To test whether the roof would take their weight, ten elephants were used to stamp on the roof, to make sure, now that is what I call durability, don’t you think? The palace was designed by a British colonel during colonial times in India, and has survived until now. The gold paint used in the room the chandeliers are in, is estimated to weigh 58 kg. Now how much would that be?

At Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul, Turkey The #5 ranked largest Crystal Chandelier is found. A 4.5 ton chandelier resides at the Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul. It contains 750 lamps, and is made of Bohemian crystal. It was a gift from Queen Victoria of Britain, to the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. The building also houses the largest collection of Bohemian and Baccarat chandeliers in the world, with even the staircases being made of Baccarat crystal, imagine that much royalty in one home.

In Knokke Casino in Belgium us where the #4 ranked resides. Well Knokke is a seaside resort close to the Dutch border, and is home to one of Belgium’s ten casinos, and also one of the world’s seven biggest chandeliers. The Belgians are so fascinated by their chandeliers that they even have a word for ‘chandelier room’ which is Kroonluchterzaal, I can’t say it, no matter how hard I try. The chandelier is made of Venetian crystal, 22,000 pieces of it to be exact, and includes 2,700 lamps creating light for the crystals to refract. It has a diameter of 8.5m and a height of 6.5m. The entire structure weighs 6 tons. Well how about that.

#3 on our hit list is at the Palais Garnier Opera, France. The chandelier in the Palais Garnier in France, a country known for its fascination with things beautiful, objets d’art, also weighs 6 tons. It is in a fitting setting. The building, which is home to France’s traditional operas, is very ornate, decorated with marble friezes, columns, and statues around its interior. Napoleon began its construction in 1858, and it stands even today. The huge chandelier is actually in the auditorium where the operas are played out. So when you watch operas in the theater for sure you’ll be fascinated with its chandelier as well.

The #2 rank is at the Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara, Turkey. God has always been the source of man’s greatest inspiration to create so many beautiful cathedrals and churches have been designed and created for religious purposes and the chandelier at the Kocatepe Mosque, in Ankara, Turkey, holds to that tradition. It weighs 7.5 tons, is 5.5m in diameter, and has 32 sidelights and 4 corner lights. The mosque is used by around 80,000 worshippers, and the building itself, along with the chandelier, is considered one of the great triumphs of Turkish architecture.

The undisputed #1 rank goes to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Oman.

The largest chandelier known in the world, and weighs 8.5 tons. The actual chandelier is made of Swarovski crystal, has gold-plated metalwork, and hangs down for a length of 14 metres. It has a diameter of 8m to go with this height, making the size of the chandelier comparable to a five-storey apartment block or block of flats. It contains staircases and platforms necessary for maintenance, and has 1,200 dimmable halogen lamps triggered by more than 36 switching circuits. Well talk about high maintenance there.

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