A country that is so deeply rooted in history is a place that all of us want to visit at some point during our lives. North Korea, the other name for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is situated in East Asia and its capital is Pyongyang. South Korea, which has been separated from North Korea by the Demilitarized zone, is a country formed post the World War II. The closest neighbour to North Korea is Japan and China.

This is a country that grew tremendously post the World war and has not stopped in its efforts. It continues to dazzle the visitors with their culture and local traditions. Among the various things to see, here is a list of five things one should not miss while travelling in this part of the world.

Take a plane from the capital city of Pyongyang to reach Paekdusan, which is a place of great spiritual and religious significance. Paekdu, which is the highest mountain in North Korea, is also where the volcano with the largest crater lies. Called as Chonji, or Lake of Heaven, this crater is surrounded by various lakes. This place is very sacred to the locals, merely because it is here that the Son of Lord of heaven is said to have landed and where the first Korean Kingdom started.

Panmunjeom is a war related sight, this place is very popular with tourists who are keen on seeing the place where the war took place and which resulted in split in Korea. Panmunjeom is a place where anyone visiting Korea will be taken to, even though it is a sad place, which talks of all the lives lost during the war and how American imperialism affected Korea.

The pristine water falls, and the clear skies around the mountain ranges surrounding Myohyang make the visit worth the time. Myohyangsan, literally translates to mountain of mysterious Fragrance is filled with scenery and sights like nowhere else in the world. The main focus of this trip would be to visit the two shrines, one of which is a treasure chest of gifts given to Kim II Sung, and other is that of Kim Jong II. One can also walk around the beautiful mountains, and unwind.

Going along the Diamond mountains, otherwise referred to locally as the Kumgangsan, one can make their way to Koryong falls. Quite a walk awaits people who wish to get to the falls, so be prepared for a long trek up the hills, and this can prove quite challenging for some, if they are not physically fit. But the sights along the way are breath taking and truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Nampo is a place that has become the industrial center in North Korea is worth a visit to see how the industries function. The amount of hard work and labour that goes into the businesses is what helps the economy grow fast and flourishes with time.

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