What You Need to Know if You’re Considering an Integrated Fridge Cabinet

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If your house or apartment is small, consider integrated furniture to make the best use of the space that you do have. Integrated furniture involves integrating furniture into a built space to utilise the space, whether it be your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or even your outside patio. For example, having an integrated washing machine behind cabinet doors in your kitchen so that the room still looks aesthetic and clean, but the space is also being used. If you’re looking for new furniture for your outside space, you should look at Out and Out garden furniture. Out & Out is a home and garden furniture company that offers a variety of over 300 different designs and is sure to have what you are looking for. Or, why not start with an integrated fridge cabinet for your kitchen? This is a fridge built into the kitchen cabinet, and cabinet doors cover it so that it is hidden in the space, allowing for a clean look within your kitchen. 

Struggling with a Small Kitchen Space?

People are no longer buying freestanding fridges or freezers but instead opting for an integrated alternative because of the streamlined look it brings to your kitchen space. These built-in fridges achieve a clean and contemporary look but can also be expensive. Therefore, there are multiple things to consider when deciding whether to invest in this latest trend. This is also not limited to just fridges or freezers. You can also find built-in washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances! Therefore, making your entire kitchen look bright and polished is easy. There are many benefits, including a combination of function and style, the freedom to cook and entertain guests with more space, and reducing your carbon footprint because most built-in fridges have lower power bills. So you’re also helping to save the environment! 

Top Tips to Try When Integrating Household Appliances

If you decide to go for an integrated fridge approach, there are a few things that you need to consider when opting for this alternative. If you have columns in your kitchen, you can always use a hidden fridge cabinet within the structural column. This completely utilises the structure of your space and uses no additional room within the kitchen. Or, if you want your kitchen to have a more straightforward look and to look less like appliances and more like furniture, why not cover everything with panels for a sleek look that hides everything and keeps the space looking spacious? 

But what about the Brand?

Many brands sell built-in fridges, all of which have something different to offer. Some of these brands are Samsung, Bosch, Beko, Miele, and Fridgemaster. However, when it comes to an integrated fridge, the best overall brand is AEG. This brand makest-integrated fridges and freezers, and they also seem to be the best-designed ones. Make sure to do your research when choosing an integrated fridge or freezer that will work best for your space!

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