4 Reasons Smoke Detectors Belong in Every Home Security System

It is normal for the brain to immediately think of burglary and home invasion when the topic of home security comes up. Home security companies, like Vivint Home Security, often advertise their products and services from a crime perspective. But what about other potential emergencies, like fire?

Smoke detectors can be included in any home security system, whether self-monitored or monitored by a professional service provider. Not only that, but they should also be included. It makes little sense to invest in home security but leave smoke detectors out of the equation.

Below are four reasons explaining why smoke detectors belong in every home security system. As you read, bear in mind that hundreds of thousands of residential fires are reported annually in the U.S. Those fires lead to thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries, and millions of dollars in property damage.

Reason #1: Fire Moves Quickly

Few people realize just how quickly fire can engulf a home. Our homes are filled with flammable items that we don’t give second’s thought to. And because there is so much readily available fuel, it only takes about 30 seconds for a minor flame to become a major fire close to being out of control. A smoke detector could be a family’s only hope of escaping a fast-moving fire.

A family awakened by a smoke detector in the middle of the night might only have a minute or two to get out of the house. That’s cutting a pretty close. But imagine a worse scenario: being awakened by flames already in your bedroom, flames you were previously unaware of because your home isn’t equipped with working smoke detectors.

Reason #2: The Heat Can Be Unbearable

The amount of heat generated by a house fire can be absolutely unbearable. Imagine 100-degree heat at floor level and 600-degree heat at eye level. That kind of heat can cause significant injuries and death. The idea behind smoke detectors is to alert residents so they can get out before being exposed to such high temperatures.

Reason #3: Fire Produces Thick Smoke

Any type of fire produces smoke that makes it difficult to breathe and see. Unfortunately, house fires produce an exceptionally thick, black smoke due to all the chemicals found in things like draperies, carpets, etc. When smoke inside a home gets thick enough, natural daylight can be obscured to the point of making the house as dark as it is at night.

Fortunately, the black smoke created by a house fire will trip a smoke alarm pretty quickly. Just a little bit of smoke in the kitchen can trigger a smoke alarm half-way down the hall. The sooner a smoke detector is triggered, the sooner occupants of the home are alerted. That gives them maximum opportunity to escape.

Reason #4: Smoke Kills More Often Than Flames

Finally, the smoke produced by house fires is responsible for more injuries and deaths than the actual flames. An occupant caught in a house fire could easily die of asphyxiation long before the flames reach that person. The simple truth is that all the chemicals and gasses in that thick, black smoke are deadly. There is no nicer way to put it.

Every home in America should have at least two working smoke detectors. If a home is equipped with monitored home security, it is better to have smoke detectors integrated with the system. A monitored home security system with integrated smoke alarms offers homeowners and their families the best protection against one of the most deadly emergencies that can occur in a residential setting.

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