Nicosia became the capital city of Cyprus in the 11th Century, even though it dates back to the Bronze Age. Nicosia Cyprus street maps show that unfortunately it is the last divided city in the world, although over the past 4 years access to both sides has considerably improved. Cyprus property for sale in the city centre is mainly apartments which are great homes for those who love the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan busy town, in the suburbs there are the more traditional housing options available. With charter flights to and from Cyprus being readily accessible these days a metropolitan pad can become a reality.

The population of Nicosia is predominantly Cypriot and many of have found Cyprus property for sale and a second home on the coast or in the mountains to escape the summer heat, which as the city is in the middle of the island can be four or 5 degrees higher than other areas. School children have almost 12 weeks holidays in the summer and many families simply move out of Nicosia for those months.

The city is a 50 minute drive from Larnaca airport which means that its residents are able to take advantage of the charter flights from Cyprus to most destinations in Europe. There are many International companies that have offices in Nicosia and some investors have seen the city as a place to buy Cyprus property for sale mainly for the long term rental markets as there is a steady influx of ex-pat employees requiring accommodation.

On Nicosia Cyprus street maps you can see that much of old walled city has been pedetrianised and there are a number of museums that show the culture, archaeology, arts and handicrafts of the island. The shopping areas of Nicosia have all the major international stores that you find in all cities these days, but there is also a good selection of smaller independent boutiques that make the shopping experience more unique and enjoyable.

A new introduction, that brings a shopping and entertainment complex to the city is the first ‘out of town’ mall which opened in 2007. One new store to the island that has thrilled those who have bought Cyprus property for sale on the island is Ikea which opened its doors and has proved to be hugely popular for kitting out holiday homes from the one shop. And many ex-pats who have missed the store are pleased to have it here and judging by the constantly packed car par, Cypriots love it as well!

Cyprus property for sale in Nicosia may not be as popular to some buyers as some other areas of the island but for some, especially returning Cypriots taking advantage of the charter flights to and from Cyprus there simply isn’t anywhere else that compares to their city. Others who have lived and worked there and love the atmosphere, take a leaf out the locals book and have another bolthole to escape to and chill out. Luckily the island has every type of Cyprus property for sale available in amazingly different locations in a small area so it really is possible to have both worlds.

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