Emergency and Exit Lightings Are A Must in Buildings and Offices


If you are building a project of offices and residential flats then you should know that you have to provide facility of emergency exits and exit lightings to guide people for safety in emergency purposes. You will notice this in every building and offices where they have provided emergency exit stairs and lightings to guide you through the way.

These exits and lightings are built for emergency purposes in case if fire breaks out and creates havoc in the environment. In such situation we know that fire tends to spread rapidly and most of the things catch fire in offices and residential places immediately. We know that fire is a dangerous thing and its fumes are extremely dangerous for humans and in circumstances where enough fire is spread the heavy smoke is created from things burning which causes humans to suffocate and lead to death even.

In these situations you see that most buildings and plazas have fire exit stairs and exit lightings installed which guides people in cases of emergency. These exits are built for situations where people can run through this safe exit easily without causing harm to them.

Not only are these emergency exits built for exit in fire situation but also in natural disasters such as earthquake. When earthquake hits it shakes the entire city with heavy jolts and everything starts shaking and this creates a panic in people. What most people do is run through these exits in situations as fast as they can in order to save their lives.

People takes these exits stairs in emergency situations when there is electricity breakdown and the lifts are not working. People hesitate using the stairs because they have to walk long way upstairs or come downstairs as most buildings are tall and have more than 10 to 15 floors minimum. So it takes a lot of strength to use the stairs in such situations but they are necessary as people have to reach their offices and homes some way or the other.

Emergency lightings are also necessary in situations when there is a power breakdown. These emergency lights go up when the power goes down which helps people to see the way easily instead of falling on things and objects and hurting themselves. In some situations you will see such emergency lights in places which are on the stairs and path ways so that people can walk safely.

It is also a law and builders and bind by providing an emergency exit and lightings in their projects which they are developing. They have to pass their building or plaza structure from the state controlling authority and then the state allows the project to move on further after they are satisfied with their obligations. You have noticed that in many hotels and buildings the emergency exit lights are always on which shows the way to the exit side of the building and these lightings are installed for guiding purposes to people who reside there or have offices.

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