How Do You Find a Cash House Buyer?

Selling a home is an agonizing venture for most homeowners. After all, there’s so much to do before you can actually sell your home. Maybe the worst part, though, is the fact that a traditional home sale in the UK can take as long as four months! Most homeowners would prefer to sell the home quickly and move on with their life. Luckily, that’s more possible than ever thanks to a cash sale. 

What’s the Difference Between a Cash Sale and a Traditional Sale?

Not sure about the difference between cash sales and traditional home sales? Traditional home sales require buyers to work with a lender to obtain financing on the property. Often that can take quite some time because not only does the lender have to evaluate the potential buyer to ensure he or she has a strong credit record and can qualify for a low-risk loan, but they also have to evaluate the property itself to make sure it’s a fairly low risk option for a loan. 

In a cash sale, though, none of that has to happen. The buyer appears with cash in hand, the conveyancing process begins, and the day of closing arrives. 

Where Can You Find a House Buyer with Cash In Hand?

There are lots of ways to connect with those who want to pay cash for properties. The internet is a good space to start. It has been a blessing in many ways as it allows one to search for an infinite number of things including cash home buyers. With a quick online search, you’re likely to come up with names of investors, landlords, or cash buying companies. You may also come with names of estate agents but in general, these professionals do not offer cash for homes; and the process of selling a home with an estate agent can be a long one. In some cases, though, they can connect you with potential cash buyers for a fee. Another method of looking for a house buyer who is ready to pay cash is to work with an auction house where all transactions are done in cash. Home buyers who visit auctions are usually landlords and investors. These individuals are usually looking for properties that are sold at very low prices which they then fix and either flip or rent them out. You may have to visit several home auctions to get the names of people who buy homes for cash- however, do remember, these individuals often have a habit of making a low-ball offer for homes.

You do have one other option – work with a company that buys homes for cash. Often these companies buy lots of homes at once to renovate, then sell or rent out to tenants. While many people shy away from these companies because they only tend to offer 75% of market value for a home, the reality is that there are lots of advantages to working with companies like these. First, the home sale can be incredibly fast – typically it can take place in as little as a fortnight. More than that, though, these companies usually pay all of the fees involved with selling a home from the cost of the survey to that of the conveyancing solicitor, and that can actually save some money in the long run. Keep in mind, thought, that connecting with these companies is easy. Finding the right company to meet your needs, though, may not be. There are many different companies that won’t offer you a legitimate price on your home or won’t make the process as quick as they’d initially promised, so read reviews of these companies carefully. Make sure you’re working with a reputable agency that will deliver on its promise and help you get the quick home sale you want. 

Find Your House Buyer!

If you’re looking for the perfect house buyer, connecting with a cash buyer can be a great way to remove the stress from the process of selling your home. If, though, connecting with a cash buyer isn’t working for you, don’t hesitate to connect with a good estate agent and handle your home sale in a more traditional manner. 


Bernice E. Middleton

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