How to get rid of blood spills on the parquet floor

Parquet is a high-quality and environmentally friendly floor covering, pride and joy of any home. It is valued for its natural beauty, warmth and aesthetic beauty complementing the interior. Parquet floors are distinguished by their durability and reliability if they are properly and regularly maintained. However, parquet flooring is very sensitive to different contamination and it is known to be easily spoilt even with a small stain let alone blood spills. Among all the stains on the parquet flooring, organic ones are quite common and require professional treatment by crime scene cleaning services. The most complex  and common are stains which crime scene cleaning services usually deal with are stains from urine and blood. However, if any unfortunate situation happened in your apartment, it might be everything ranging from terrible trauma to suicide and crime, you should know how to deal with blood spills. 

Methods for removing organic stains and blood spills on varnished parquet

A protective layer of lacquer, usually covered in three or four layers, stops different liquids including blood spills from penetrating  further into the wood and destroying the parquet. It is more difficult to get rid of the organic stains if blood or urine gets into the gaps formed between the parquet or other hard-to-reach places. In this case, it is not possible to remove contamination without removing the parquet itself. Of course, professional crime scene cleaning services will do their best not to resort to this drastic measure. However, you can start removing the blood spills yourself if for some reason crime scene cleaning services are unavailable in your area or it might take a long time to wait for them.

To remove an organic stain, you can use the following tools:

  • cold water,
  • soap solution,
  • dishwashing detergent,
  • cleaning products for floors and other substances.

By washing the floor with the products mentioned above you can remove blood stains from varnished parquet. After the surface has been completely cleaned, you can cover the floor with mastic to avoid scratches and cracks. 

If after removing the stain the parquet coating has been deformed, it is  to replace the parquet. In this case, it is necessary to carry out maintenance procedures for example, to re-apply the protective layer. This situation happens very often if the cleaning is carried out unprofessionally. That’s why it’s highly recommended using specialised crime scene cleaning services to take care of your parquet floor as well as other surfaces in your apartment.

Methods for removing organic stains from parquet covered with oil or paint

In most cases, parquet covered with paint deteriorates much faster when stained than parquet covered with varnish. If blood spill appears on the floor covered with paint, it can be quickly removed with cold water. However, more often than not, by the time people discover the terrible scene of crime or suicide, blood has already absorbed in the parquet floor and damaged it. In this case you won’t do without specialists providing crime scene cleaning services. 

Remember, however hard you try, you won’t be able to remove blood as quickly and as efficiently as crime scene cleaning services do. First of all, these services have the most advanced cleaning equipment and all necessary cleaning products at hand. Secondly, blood refers to the hazardous contaminants and it’s necessary to follow certain rules how to deal with it. 

Bernice E. Middleton

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