Index Of The 100 Season 1 To Season 7 [With Cast, Seasons Recap & Episodes]

Index Of The 100 Season 1 To Season 7 [With Cast, Seasons Recap & Episodes]

Check out Index Of The 100 TV Series season 1 to 7 and a quick recap of all seven seasons with cast, online streaming and download availability in 2020.

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Oct 17, 2020

If science fiction is a world you’d like to be lost in from time to time, the 100 series will surely be your absolute favourite. A series that outlines the tragedies of science one that explains how science will bring upon mankind’s own death.

Technology is great and greater are its advancements. But it won’t take long before robots take the world over, programs start to malfunction, or mankind brings upon its own doom. The index of series the 100 parent directory, in its subtle waypoints out the human frailties. Our negligence towards Mother Earth, our greed for better technology, our hunger for advancements.

It successfully shows the horrors of science when it goes wrong and sometimes, it can be fatal. Technology and mankind can never exist as two halves of a whole. Technology is only good as long as humans are still advanced beings. The day technology takes over the world, and grows smarter than the human brain, who knows, maybe we’d be its puppets?

the 100 tv series poster

If you haven’t already watched the 100 series online in 2020 then don’t worry! We’ve prepared an index of latest English tv series for you, with season synopsis and full episodes to help you through!

  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
  • Written By: Jason Rothenberg, Charmaine DeGraté
  • Directed By: Bob Morley, Bharat Nalluri, Henry Ian Cusick
  • Available Platforms: CW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVNZ, DirecTV, iTunes, Vudu
  • Total Seasons: 7 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 100 Episodes
  • Running Period: 2014-2020

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The 100 TV Series All Cast & Characters

  • Eliza Taylor As Clarke Griffin

The 100 series Prequel: Iola Evans, Adain Bradley & Leo Howard twist in CW backdoor pilot

Index Of The 100 Season 2

index of the 100 season 2
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available Platforms: CW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVNZ, DirecTV, iTunes, Vudu

Season Recap: A hundred detainees were sent to Earth to explore the chances of survival, as shown in the first season. Things take a turn when around forty-eight of them get captured by the Mountain Men, all set to take them to their homeland, Mount Weathers.

As we know, nuclear apocalypses have an enormous amount of radiation let out in the air that can paralyze and fatally affect men for years to come. Turns out the Mountain Men were transfusing the blood from capture grounders, to undergo an anti-radiation treatment to heal their bodies.

Of course, this could only imply that their bodies did not completely adapt even to the life they were living after their apparent death and this project was crucial to their survival.

After forcing the detainees to undergo a medical examination, they learn that their bone marrow has certain properties that could help them survive the remaining radiations on Earth. So, as expected, they start to take the young blooded people’s bone marrows.

Meanwhile, the Ark has crashed already landed at a million stations on Earth, forming allies with the grounders. An ally to have the best of both worlds; to save both communities on either side of the divide.

They even named the main settlement at Alpha Station with a new one, “Camp Jaha”. At the end of the season, we see an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of the Mountain Men, to save the prisoners the grounders and the detainees. this season of The 100 series Index will blow your mind while watching.

Index Of The 100 Season 3

The 100 star Lindsey Morgan joins Jared Padalecki at CW & Walker

Index Of The 100 Season 4

index of the 100 season 4
  • Number of Episodes: 13
  • Available Platforms: CW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVNZ, DirecTV, iTunes, Vudu

Season Recap: A thousand nuclear reactors are now beginning to melt, as a result of centuries of neglect and mankind’s greed for more advancements in technology, and nonchalance towards Mother Earth’s condition.

In a desperate attempt to survive the upcoming radiation, Clarke and his gang find out that the grounders with dark blood, also called Nightgrounders, were capable of metabolizing the radiation. They, as in Clarke and the people, having recreated the formula learn that they have forgotten to test it.

They find an old bunker that has the capability of saving only a thousand and two hundred people. Every clan sends in a hundred men from their team, whom they’d like to survive the apocalypse. A few return to the remnants of the Ark and try to survive there, while the others are chosen.

Clarke, who is now night blood, is the only one the lone wolf on the surface of the Earth, ready to take on the upcoming apocalypse.

Index Of The 100 Season 5

The 100 will try to finish the series finale with most difficulties due to corona

Index Of The 100 Season 6

index of the 100 series season 6
  • Number of Episodes: 13
  • Available Platforms: CW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVNZ, DirecTV, iTunes, Vudu

Season Recap: After having spent a hundred and twenty-five years in cryosleep, Clarke, Bellamy, and the others wake up only to realize that they aren’t orbiting the Earth anymore. Instead, they are in the proximity of a newly habitable land called Alpha, also known as the Sanctum.

But the worlds only keep getting crazier. No sooner did they land on Sanctum than they realized that the land was in the power of ruling families, also known as the Primes. New struggles emerge, to which they have to devise new solutions. They also come across a rebellious yet mysterious, eerie group called the Children of Gabriel, and Anomaly.

Most of the ruling families, aka the Primes, die. But the season not only takes away the families and others, but also Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane.

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Index Of The 100 Season 7

index of the 100 season 7
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available Platforms: CW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVNZ, DirecTV, iTunes, Vudu

Season Recap: The showdown, the last season that makes the end of a hundred episodes, shows the inhabitants trying to battle their ways to co-exist peacefully, after all the wrath that they experienced in the previous seasons. All this while fighting the Dark Commander.

Meanwhile, Clarke and others run into mysterious humans who hail from the other world, who is sure and confirmed that Clarke knows the golden rule, or has the key to winning the up and coming battle the last, showdown.

Remember the mysterious Anomaly which we were introduced to back in the sixth season? Yes, we learn that it is a wormhole in actuality. And not only that, it holds the kye links to six planets, one of them being the regenerated earth as well.

In the end, Clarke murders during the test, but otherwise, humanity finally attains Transcendence. Clarke returns to Earth for a new peaceful life, with Octavia and her boyfriend Levitt who also decide to tag along. Now after watching you can also download the 100 series season 7 if you are using Netflix.

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An extremely engrossing series that has the potential to keep you intently glued to your screen, this show is a must-watch after getting the index of the series 100. Outlining love and war, mankind and Earth, technology and science, and all the clashes in between it’s a masterpiece. This index of serial the 100 is One of the shows that you’d not want to miss out upon in 2020! you will never get any question on your mind that where to watch the 100 show online now.

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