Interview Etiquette – Ways to Land That Job


Because of the many layoffs that are occurring throughout the business world, many people are having to polish up on their interview etiquette. Although it sounds quite simple to be on your best behavior, many people mess up their interview because of poor etiquette. The reasons could be anything. Some people just get too nervous that they forget what they are supposed to do. Other people are simply oblivious to how they are acting and do not see anything wrong with it. Many people offend their interviewer without even realizing it. To prevent all this from happening so you can land your next job, you have to follow a few tips.

The first way to have good interview etiquette begins with your timing. You want to make sure you show up early for your interview. If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes, you should wait in your car or wait outside until at least 10 minutes before. The reason for this is because you have to be aware that the company set aside time in their busy schedule for you. They did not set aside the time, plus an additional 20 minutes in case you were early. Many companies view showing up too early as an insult. It basically is as bad as showing up late. When you show up late, your future employer will assume that you always will be late.

Another key to good interview etiquette is in your hand shake. You want to have a firm handshake that lets your interviewer know that you are confident in your skills. Make sure you are not too firm that you are making the person’s hand numb. Also, do not be too kind in the hand shake that your hand just feels limp in your interviewer’s hand. You also need to make sure you are kind to everyone you come into contact with, not just your interviewers. If you walk past a receptionist, make sure you greet them kindly. They might be asked later about their opinion of you. You never know when it comes to interviews.

Good interview etiquette also needs to come into play if you no longer intend to show up. Whether you found out something about the company during your research or whether another job opportunity arose, you should never just not show up. Call to cancel and make sure you give as much notice as you can. You should not call five minutes before your interview was to take place. You might actually end up working for or with that company down the road, so you do not want to be rude before you even meet them.

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