Lusaka National Museum: It is most visited and most attractive public building in the city housing ethnography, witchcraft, history and contemporary art of Zambia. Painting, sculpture, and ceramics are among the highlights of the arts collection at this museum.

Kabwata Cultural Centre: It is in fact a cultural village that is established by the government to encourage the culture of the country as well the work by the local artists. This cultural center is the work place of more than seventy woodcarvers, basket weavers and artists who display their products here. This cultural center is open to public and any one taking cheap flights to Lusaka may visit it. It is open daily from 8 am to 6pm, and the staff here is friendly and welcoming.

National Assembly building: Being the capital of the country Lusaka is commercial, administrative, and communication center of the country, and hence is home to National Assembly of Zambia. Other administrative buildings that one might visit in Lusaka include; State House, and High Court. Located at Manda hills the site is worth seeing after you have taken flights to Lusaka.

Anglican cathedral: Also known as Cathedral of Holy Cross Anglican Cathedral is not only a splendid land mark but also has been the place of worship of Christians for a long time. It is one of the most visited tourists attraction by foreigners to the city especially those taking flights to Lusaka and other destinations of with majority of Christian population.

Kalimba Reptile Park: The Park has a wide collection of reptiles and most of them consist of snakes. It is also home to many farms that are established in this park and they specialize in pig, fish, dairy and crocodile farming. It is housed in Lush garden where one can also go for nature walks in addition to reptile viewing. Again if you take cheap Lusaka flights along with your children you will also find children play ground.

Munda Wanga Botanic and Zoological Gardens: Munda Wanga is home to country’s most rare and widest collection of Flora and Fauna. It is home to more than 40 species of animals and almost 1,000 species of plants. This park is also educating visitors about the wild life and plant life on this planet and its preservation. The basic purpose of establishment of this park was to rehabilitate plant and animal species and to preserve some rare species to protect them from demolition. Millions of visitors taking Lusaka flights from different world wide destinations come here and pay a visit.

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