One of the Most Beautiful Green Buildings in the World is a Winery



One look at this Hobbit hole-like winery in the country of Georgia and you’ll fall in love with green architecture.

Built three years ago in the Kakheti region, the Shilda Winery consists of three artificial caves that gently rise up from the ground, bringing the rows of grapes with them.

The 2.5 yard-spacing of the vineyard rows have translated into a striped grid that makes up the building, expressed by a series of arching beams that literally raises the vineyard up from the ground.

Over the top run the rows of grapes, and behind in the distance are the Caucasus Mountains, ensuring that the buildings perfectly blend into the background.

Inside the three hillock houses are a storage area, a tasting room and wine center, and a restaurant/bar.

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Much of the design was led by considerations of general sustainability.


For example, the building’s openings face north to avoid the majority of the day’s sun exposure, while the mass from the soils helps to cool the building at a basic level. This also naturally keeps the wine stored inside at optimal temperatures.

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Founded in 2015 among the castles and churches of Kakheti, Shilda Winery is situated in the principal region of viniculture in Georgia, and offers more than 20 varieties of wine. Cheers to that.

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