Things to Know When Relocating to Qatar for Employment


Living in Qatar can be a remarkable cultural experience, as you get the opportunity to explore the ways of a new country. It can be different from your home country in many ways. Read to know about some important things to consider when relocating to Qatar for job.

In 2013, Qatar was recognized as the world’s richest nation by Forbes. As indicated by the United Nations Development Program, it has had the highest human development. It is estimated that more than 500 expats arrive in Qatar daily. So, Qatar is home to a huge number of expats who have migrated here for work, and the individuals who are attracted to its luxury of life.

Jobs in Qatar

Due to the large influx of expats in Qatar, the whole nation has gradually transitioned towards English being the preferred language to conduct business in. Aside from the petrochemical sector, employments are opening up in different industries, like construction, real estate and many more.

Most expats are likely to secure a job before arriving in the country. The work week for the most part runs from Sunday until Thursday, with Friday and Saturday serving as the weekend.

It is normal for expats who work in senior positions to work on weekends, or extra time. Some other necessary things associated with your job and living are as mentioned below.

Cost of Living

There are plenty of chances to make and save money when living and working in Qatar. Most expats are attracted to the high pay packages offered. Despite the fact that the expense of products and services has gone up throughout the years, it is still easy to live comfortably. Rent costs vary depending upon the kind of property you’re looking for. The allowance is either paid monthly or as a single amount.


The accommodation here varies from lavish villas to more modern apartments. Expats who have families will in general like to live in compounds, as they offer more prominent security and you are normally surrounded by other expat families also.

In some cases, organizations have been known to lease a whole compound exclusively for their employees, which also reduce the rent charges a bit. Some complexes come with all the conveniences you could need, from gym and pools to bistros and general stores. Most villas come with at least four rooms and a garden area also.

Health Care

The health care system in Qatar is very acceptable. Regardless of whether you are a local or an expat, the Hamad Medical Corporation offers free clinical treatment to any individual who registers with them. It is important to know that an expected 500 expats are moving to Qatar every day, which is putting a huge strain on the system.

Waiting times at the medical center have increased, and more individuals are opting for private health care services, which can be more costly. Organizations may or may not offer medical coverage to their workers, yet this is not offered by default.

The Takeaway

Getting a job in Qatar may have its pros and cons but knowing about certain things before going will definitely make your experience at a new country much better.

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