Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | November 26, 2022


This week, we’re featuring some of the best segments that have aired over the past year on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Listen to hear some of our favorite segments, as well as these Simple Solutions.

Simple Solutions

How to Condition Leather: Leather shoes, boots and furniture take a beating from moisture so it’s important to treat them with mink oil or leather conditioning cream.

The problem is that these substances are very thick and difficult to absorb into the leather.

The solution is to heat the leather with a blow dryer before rubbing in the conditioner.

The oil/cream liquefies as soon it hits the heated surface, which helps drive it deep into the leather grain.

Watch: Easy Tip for Leather Conditioner

How to Easily Spray-Paint Small Parts: Spray-painting small parts is much easier with an inexpensive plastic turntable.

Just place the object to be painted in the center of the turntable and rotate the turntable with one hand as you spray the revolving item.

Want more? Watch ‘How to Spray Paint Screws, Latches, Braces and Brackets’

How to Get the Most Out of Your Nail Apron: Here are three ways to improve the simple cloth nail apron.

  1. When using a hammer holster, thread the apron string through the holster slot twice; that way, it won’t slide off the string every time you take off the apron.
  2. Before tying off the apron strings, thread them through the belt loop on the back of your pants. That will keep the apron from slipping down.
  3. Attach a key fob onto your utility knife so it’ll be easier to grasp and pull from the apron.

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