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Buying a house or building a house is a crucial decision and demands a big chunk of your investment. Hence, it is very important to be thorough with the ground rules and seek genuine help before making your final decision.

If you are planning to do all the research on your own then be prepared for spending an enormous amount of time and effort on it. However, this becomes highly cumbersome and impractical in today’s busy life. 

The good news is we have a lot of firms now which bring all the aspects under one umbrella for us to access, understand and make a final decision about buying a home. These assisting firms are available physically and virtually and provide some easy user-friendly tools that can prove to be very helpful in measuring all our parameters.

How a fintech-based company helps you:

  • Finding a realtor/ real-estate agent: Doing all the work of researching the endless list of houses, visits, verifying legal issues related to the property, contacting sellers, etc. everything can be never-ending and very frustrating on your own. This is when outsourcing the job to a professional solves the problem. A realtor or real estate agent is a professional who performs as a bridge between the buyer and seller and carries out the whole process from the beginning till the end on behalf of the client which can be a buyer or a seller. With full knowledge of all the steps and terms of the transaction, hiring a realtor saves a lot of time and effort on your end.

However contacting a realtor often is very confusing, since you will have millions of licensed realtors to choose from. This is when a fintech tool or company comes to the rescue and conveniently filters your search for a realtor based on various parameters like the location you wish to buy a house at, your budget, the time you can wait, etc.

  • Access to the homes for sale: These companies generate and maintain a list of data of all the homes for sale in real time. This helps you from being distracted and saves a lot of your valuable time. This tool allows you to search for properties using various filters like no.of bedrooms you want, carpet area, backyard area, etc.
  • Helps with your finances: These companies act as a great medium to reach and research various financing organizations and banking houses. It turns out to be a one-destination for buyers who need to apply for loans, serving many options along with detailed information about them to choose from. 

Now we have many fintech-based tools which have features like 

  • home value estimator: Helps in finding out the real market home value of a property irrespective of what the seller quotes. This is very helpful to pitch at the time of bargaining.A home value estimator is a great help for sellers too to undertake a home appraisal for their house before deciding a selling price.
  • Affordability: This feature helps in finding out how much you can afford in terms of applying for a loan and buying a property. The beauty of this feature is, it helps you to find out a plan which stays convenient on your other finances and doesn’t make your life stringent apart from buying a home. 

This feature also guides you to find out your tax relaxation options on home loans, rates of interest, and other plans across all the loan options available.

Although technology has its own downsides, certainly it has made our life way easier than ever before. Buying your dream house or even selling your house has become so convenient and something you can deal with step by step on the go. So if you are planning to buy a house, it will be wise to consider a fintech company to be your first-end assistance. 

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