Why you Need to Have a Solar Pool Heating System


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There is nothing more refreshing than dipping into a pool, but it will be best if the water is warm. Warm pools can give people some time to relax and enjoy the water for a longer time compared to when the pool is cold. Warming a pool using the common heater is expensive, it can result in a skyrocketed electric bill but what If I tell you, you can keep your pool warm all year round by using a solar pool heating system.

Solar pool heating systems have been a remedy to both residential and commercial pools to keep the warmness of their pools without spending too much on electricity bills. Solar pool heating is provided by solar panel companies and caters to both residential and commercial needs. They can install a pool heating system on any kind of pool.

Advantages of Using a Solar Pool heating System

Lower Electricity Bill

Since solar pool heating systems use renewable energy from the sun you can save your money from paying bigger bills. How? Solar energy collected from the sun during day time can power up your swimming pool heater throughout the day, at the same time it is saving energy on the battery attached to the collector. Then at night, the energy from the battery continues to keep your swimming pool warm during the day. Amazing isn’t it! The use of energy is maximized when you use a solar pool heating system since it can store energy to be used 24 hours. With the use of a solar pool heating system, you don’t have to pay more to get your pool’s temperature warm all day long.

Ecosystem Friendly

People are always concerned about pollution destroying nature. Every time we use the energy we are releasing pollution to the air, land, or bodies of water. With the use of solar energy as a source to run your swimming pool heater, you will never feel guilty of releasing chemicals every after energy use. Having a Solar Pool Heating System can help you produce clean air instead of producing toxic to add to the air pollution. Putting a solar blanket at night can also help to prevent energy loss and can preserve more energy.

Solar Pool Heaters Works Quietly

Some water heaters create excessive noise when used but with solar pool heating, you don’t have to worry about the noise it will make. The solar pool heating system works silently as it collects solar energy. Having a 24 hours working machine without hearing any annoying sound is one character the solar pool heating system has that isn’t observed on other machines, it makes it more love by users.

Low Maintenance

If you monitor your solar pool heating system regularly they can last for 15 to 20 years! That’s pretty long, as long as everything functions well it can work for those long years. Most solar panel companies offer an annual regular check-up when they install your solar pool heating system. BY having a regular inspection major damages can be avoided just in case some issues can be addressed immediately.

Extend Swimming Season

Most people love swimming only during summer when the weather is extremely hot, but with a warm pool, people can be motivated to swim all year round. If you have a commercial pool, getting a solar pool heating system can increase your profit by having guests dipping in your pool any time of the year. People will love to swim as long as the water is warm enough to make them feel relaxed and refreshed.

Solar Pool Heating System can maximize the use of your pool, it can attract more guests to visit your place or if it’s just a resident pool you can enjoy swimming every time you want to with your family and friends. Swimming is one of the most common ways people can take a break from their busy routine. It will be perfect if they will be swimming in a warm pool despite what season it is. Don’t hesitate to approach your solar panel company to know more about how to have a solar pool heating system installed in your home or your commercial pools, you will never regret it once you start ripping the benefits it can give your business or your family.

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